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Scent Free Environments Needed

I find myself around different smells all day long. Some are pleasant, and some not so much. I’ve never really been the kind of person to enjoy weird smells like exhaust vapors, a new car smell, smelly permanent markers, or cigarette smoke. I never understood people who enjoy those smells, especially since the majority (if not all) of them come from harmful ingredients.

As a graphic design student, I find myself around smelly permanent markers quite often.   It is even worse when there is an entire class full of students using them at the same time. So … I did some searching online on the topic. I wanted to see how other people feel about it and if there are some scent-free or odor-free permanent markers. I did find a very interesting article:

… and here are some links to scent-free permanent markers:

One thing I did not expect to find is a sign for a scent-free environment, but after further research, I found there is quite a variety of them. Here is an example of one:

One thing we can do in the graphic design classroom, is to use the non-toxic children’s drawing markers for any thumbnails or sketches. Permanent markers are not needed for those type of tasks.

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