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MLK was once Big Nine

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Alternatively Chattz

Alternatively Chattz.

My Thorny March

photo of the Wonderfuls Series March calendar

Heh 🙂 It’s finally out!

Yep, the latest Wonder Press monthly calendar mailing is out and about, and I’m thrilled … cause this is my baby … baby. (I think this statement would sound better if you could hear me say it – you know … with inflection)

Many thanks to Leslie Jensen-Inman and WonderPress for making this collaborative project happen.

If you have not signed up to receive these free monthly goodies, you can do so at 🙂

Paper Petals

Paper Petals Photo

I love the little things in life, and these guys are especially little.

I’ve been working on my self branding and during the excitement of printing research material and organizing my process binder, the floor got covered with delicate pieces of paper dots. I absolutely love them.

They make me feel like I’m in the middle of a paper garden with flower petals covering the floor.

The Swap-o-Matic

This is an awesome concept. I would love to get to use this machine on a regular basis. Chattanooga TN needs one in every part of town. Ok, you can tell I’m overly excited.

This, in a way, relates to my new year’s resolution: I will not buy presents for friends and loved ones on spacial days unless I find something that is a good fit for them. I will not buy junk, just for the sake of having something to hand them on a day of the year when it is socially expected to present something.

Clicking on the image below will take you to the article. Some great points on consumerism and instant gratification are made in it.

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“The brain didn’t evolve to see the world the way it is. We can’t. Instead, the brain evolved to see the world the way it was useful to see in the past, and how we see is by continually redefining normality. ” –Beau Lotto

I love this quote because it goes hand in hand with my senior thesis and the social issues I’m interested in exploring. This TED talk is a must watch.

16 pixels for body copy

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This is a great article about web font readability. Click on the image to read the article.

“16 pixels is not big” 🙂

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