New (To Me) HTML Elements

Chapter 10 of “InterACT With Web Standards”, introduced our WebMedia 1 class to HTML. Thanks to the recommended resources, I was able to find some HTML elements that were not already discussed in the chapter. has an excellent article on lesser-known semantic elements. Here are a few of those:

<address> : used for the author of the page, or the section that shows that information. Note – it is not used for the postal address of the company, like many may assume.

  <span>Mark Norman Francis</span>,

<code> : used for indicating code or programming languages in short samples within a sentence. For larger samples, a pre formatted block should be used.

<p>It is bad form to use event handlers like
<code>onclick</code> directly in the HTML.</p>

<var> : used to indicated variables from mathematical expression or programming code.

<p>The value of <var>x</var> in
 3<var>x</var>+2=14 is 4.</p>

my <var>$welcome</var> = "Hello world!";

<cite> : used for citations, and well shown in this example:

<p>The saying <q>Everything should be made as simple as possible,
but not simpler</q> is often attributed to <cite>Albert
Einstein</cite>, but it is actually a paraphrasing of a quote which
is much less easy to understand.</p>



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