John Allsopp – Guest Speaker at UTC

John Allsopp visited our web media class yesterday. He had a wonderful presentation about web development and the future of the web. He left all of us inspired and eager to work. He reminded us that design is about making things better for humans, and that if you “make things magical”, people will enjoy them much more. After all, it’s important to delight people … to help them have fun.

John brought up some issues that seem logical about our future. There will probably be screens on everything that can benefit from a screen interface – it would certainly be something I would like to see happen. This will also mean that there will be a great demand for web and interaction design.

I still have so much to learn about HTML, CSS, and web development standards. John’s presentation helped me feel a little more at ease about this subject and about having quality, easy to understand tutorials available from professionals like him. He has written a book – Developing with Web Standards, and offers a CSS3 live online course.

And here is something else that is very exciting: Web Directions and Amped (an event part of Web Directions), are coming to Atlanta GA at the end of this month. I can’t wait to be there on September 25th. Amped promises lots of opportunities to learn, play with new technology, have fun, and win prizes.

A big thank you to John Allsopp for visiting and sharing a piece of his mind with us.


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I explore, I design, I make things. Let's cuban motion together.

One response to “John Allsopp – Guest Speaker at UTC”

  1. John allsopp says :

    Hi Elena,

    thanks for the kind words, and it was a pleasure to come visit. Hope to see you all down here for Amped!


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