Content Expectations

How do your content expectations change depending on what you’re reading? It is something I was prompted to do in my web media class, and here’s what I found about myself:

1. For billboards – I expect the message to be short enough to read from a fast moving vehicle. I expect to be able to see it from a long distance – which would also allow for extra time to read it. Usually, the only information needed is the name of the product or company, a description of what it is or what service is offered if necessary, and how or where I can obtain that product or service.

2. For magazines – Most of the time, if I do read a printed magazine, it is because a cover story caught my attention. I expect the magazine to clearly provide page numbers for all articles, otherwise I become frustrated and negatively charged while sifting through the pages. Once I am reading my article of interest, I do not like to skip pages in order to read the second half.

3. For websites – I don’t have the time to read lengthy descriptions, unless I’ve chosen to click on the “about” section. I expect the home page to have well defined sections with a few links. If it is necessary to have a lot of links on the homepage, then they should be clearly categorized.

My content expectations with websites differs depending on the type of website and what I’m trying to accomplish. If I am shopping, for example, I look for links to product categories or department categories (such as women’s, men’s, or clearance sections). If I am trying to obtain a company’s services, I look for a portfolio section with examples of their work and for ways to figure out the price.

As you can see, most of my content expectations for websites is action oriented. I need to know where to click to get what I want, and I don’t plan on spending too much time on figuring it out.


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