How to Stay Productive

Sometimes I have a very difficult time staying productive if my work requires me to use my computer. Some solutions work and some don’t. The reality is that everyone is different when it comes to attention span, method for work, energy boosts, and need for breaks.

What has worked for me most of the time has been closing all social media sites, and not allowing myself to check them until I am on a break. This is basically the “self discipline” method, but I’ve been increasingly interested in alternatives consisting of Mac apps that block internet usage or perform similar services.

Today I did some research on such apps, and found the following eight: Isolator, Spirited Away, Focus Booster, Pomodoro, Self Control, Think, Freedom, and Anti-Social.

These apps all differ, but specialize in the common goal of keeping you from being distracted by the internet or other apps on your computer. Click on the links to explore them and find the one that best fits your needs.

After taking a look, I decided that it would be worth trying some of these apps., but bottom line, self discipline plays a part with or without help from such software.

Please leave a comment if you know of additional apps or if you want to share your  stay on task method.

6 Apps to Help You Focus & Be Productive (Mac) by Jackson Chung


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