Snapfon and VisiKey

I work for a web development company, and we have all sorts of clients. I would like to talk about two companies we work with – Snapfōn and VisiKey. With so much technology choices on the market, its nice to know that some, like Snapfōn and VisiKey, offer accommodations for senior citizens and those with vision disabilities. What’s even better – you don’t have to be a senior or have a disability to be able to benefit from these products. The easy to use Snapfōn cellphones and VisiKey keyboards, offer large – easy to see and use keys, which help reduce eye strain for any cellphone or computer user.

I’ve been using a Snapfōn for several months now. Having access to a Macbook, iPod Touch, and an iPad, I don’t feel the need for a cellphone that provides me with internet access or apps. With the Snapfōn, I can use text messages, and enjoy extra features like a built in flashlight, FM radio, and – my favorite – an SOS button. The SOS button is programmable to call and text 4 numbers of my choice in case of an emergency. This makes me feel much safer about walking to my car at night, after spending long hours at school. Also, the larger keys make texting easier and faster.

Find out more about Snapfōn and VisiKey here: and


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