Letter Spacing


As I may have mentioned in previous blog posts, I am currently taking a typography class as part of my graphic design education at UTC. Some of you may have also read my post about Jan Tschichold and the typeface Sabon. That post was a part of a school project, and here I am going to explain the process for completing this project.

The requirements were to create an 11×17 printout, that included the type designer’s name, the typeface name, and a brief description about the typeface. There were specific guidelines about the font and size variations to be used, as well as page layout guidelines. The full instructions can be viewed here: http://teachtheweb.com/courses/type_1_project_3.php

The most difficult part about completing this project was learning how to implement kerning correctly and effectively. After reading several educational articles about kerning, and obtaining advice from classmates, I was able to arrive at the shown final product.

I learned that it’s not enough to just set the kerning option in illustrator to “optical”. Some  manual adjustments are always needed. It was particularly important and difficult to adjust the kerning between the capital “J” and lowercase “a”, and between the capital “T” and lowercase “s” in the designer’s name.

Another task that proved challenging in this project was the line adjustments in the paragraph containing info about the typeface. I learned about soft and hard returns. I also learned how to manipulate each line’s length so the paragraph looks well balanced on the right side.

Overall this was a valuable and educational experience, that also ended up being fun.


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