Color Exploration With Project Ligature

This is a continuation of Project Ligature. It involves the exploration of complimentary colors in combination with the abstract ligature composition. I played around with several color combinations. The colors were all hand picked (click on the image to view a close up) – I decided against using a color scheme helper software. I have also included the Adobe Illustrator versions of the black and white compositions, since my previous post only included photographs of the ink-brushed versions.

I tried to pick colors that would be successful as both a background and a foreground color. As you can see, some do and some d0 not fit that requirement. The more successful combinations are the ones with well contrasting colors. I picked the blue-green/warm yellow combination because it does have good contrast, and it works well when reversed. One of the reasons is because the blue-green has both black and white additions, whereas the yellow is only tinted.

But we all know that contrast (although needed) is not the only influential factor when making a choice about colors. Mood and personal preference is also important. Color speaks to us in many ways. It even has the ability of connecting with our other senses – smell, touch, taste, and even our memories.

I felt split between my final choice shown here and the dark-violet/light yellow combo. Both color combinations posses similar qualities, but the blue-green/warm yellow combination feels warmer and more inviting to my senses.

Something to consider is that if the figure-ground relationship or scale was different, then these color combinations will most likely convey a different look and feel to the color version of the ligature abstract.

Please write with questions, comments, or constructive criticism. I would love some feedback.


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