Project Ligature

I have found that designing with type can be difficult for a beginner, even though I’ve used type for most of my life. There are so many letter combination possibilities for ligatures, but only a few are visually pleasing as a free standing form.

I chose the combination of lowercase “a” and lowercase “k”, because the ligature is well grounded, balanced, and has an open form. Also, the visual result from the fusion of “a” and “k”, is, to my eye, beautiful.

I created versions of this ligature with three fonts: Univers, Bodoni, and Garamond. The fonts Bodoni and Universe worked better than Garamont, because they provided a better relationship between the letters’ stems and serifs (the serifs in Bodoni). In other words, Univers and Bodoni helped the letters fit together in a better way.

Once I narrowed my choices to the final two fonts, it became a question of personal taste. Both the Universe and the Bodoni ligatures are well-crafted and posses strong design principles, such as balance and unity. I chose the Bodoni font because I enjoy the positive and negative space created by the terminals and serifs. The sans serif, straight edge outline of the Universe ligature has a modern, minimalistic, and sharp look, which was not my preference for this particular project.

Keeping in mind that this project involves the creation of a ligature and the composition of an abstract piece from the ligature, my decision for a final font was also influenced by my experimentation with abstract compositions from both Universe and Bodoni. Universe, unlike Bodoni, did not allow for as many successful abstract compositions.

As I mentioned above, I had a few choices for strong abstract compositions in both fonts. I chose my final one based on my preference for curved lines and for fewer divisions of space in the provided parameters.


About Elena Nikolaeva

I explore, I design, I make things. Let's cuban motion together.

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