Simple Pleasures

I cooked dinner tonight and my boyfriend liked it so much, he said I had to include a comment about it in my Simple Pleasures blog post. It turns out, eating deviled eggs is a simple pleasure for him. However, I’m not here to talk about his simple pleasures. I’m here to talk about mine.

I have to honestly say that many of my simple pleasures revolve around my taste buds. I am known for pampering myself by trying new foods. Trying a new recipe is like an adventure. For example, when most of my American friends think about cooked chicken, they think about the thighs, wings, and legs. I think about those too, but the list in my head continues with chicken brains and testicles.  (Yes, I’ve had soup made with chicken balls.) Similarly, I enjoy breaded and fried cow tongue, and rice cooked with lamb intestines.

Another simple pleasure of mine is drinking a glass of water after I’ve had a sweet drink like milk,  juice, or a soft drink. Water has always been the only drink that quenches my thirst. Other drinks are yummy, but they leave me thirsty. Speaking of thirst, I am also sometimes thirsty for a environment free of technology’s audio and visual overload. I enjoy hearing nothing but birds and wind, while reading, drawing, or simply closing my eyes and relaxing.

One of my favorite simple pleasures is to sit and stare at details. It may be details about anything in this world – mostly visual and tactile details. I enjoy following folds, curves, and edges of objects. Sometimes, after staring at something, I may decide that I would like to know how it feels to the touch. This particular fact about me, makes me look weird in clothing stores, because I touch the different fabrics. Another example of this is from a time when I went to play darts. The dart boards were the kind with a fiber surface. I could not stop myself from getting up close to the fibers, because I wanted to see how they look, feel them with my fingertips, and also hold the dart while its being stuck between the fibers, in order to experience how smooth that may be. As you may imagine, the group of people that accompanied me, thought that was very weird.  I also enjoy staring and thinking about the color, outline, shadows, and alignment of objects. I never realized it until this moment, but this may be one of the reasons why I enjoy graphic design.

The image attached to this post is yet another example of the type of details I like to observe and photograph. A rusty fire hydrant is heaven for my imagination.


About Elena Nikolaeva

I explore, I design, I make things. Let's cuban motion together.

One response to “Simple Pleasures”

  1. Dawn Roush says :

    Totally agree about wanting to touch something after staring at it for so long. I always want to touch paintings at museums, but I know I’ll pretty much get kicked out. It’s so much more than 2D…the paint has a three dimensionality that I want to physically feel!

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