Linguistic Signs and Agreementc



Internet communication is the main way I keep in touch with my friends from Bulgaria. Facebook and e-mail have kept those friendships strong, but I had to make some adjustments in the way I communicate.

Since I have to use the English alphabet when I type ona  computer, I’ve had to learn how to communicate in Bulgarian by using the English alphabet. Acually I’m not the only one that does this. The Bulgarian community all over the world has now accepted this form of communication.

Agreement is achieved when a community of people agree and decide that one thing will be a representament for something else. That’s exactly what has happened in the Bulgarian community, because certain English letter combinations correspond to certain Bulgarian sounds.

A linguistic sign is comprised of a signifier and a signified. The signifier informs us about the identity of the signified or the object. I have shown a linguistic sign of a cake labeled with the signifier “TORTA”. “TORTA” is spelled with English letters, but when pronounced, it makes the sound of the bulgarian word for cake.

The first image shows the Bulgarian alphabet and the corresponding English alphabet letters that make up each Bulgarian sound. I need to note here that the Bulgarian language does not have word spelling that differs from the way the word sounds. In English, letters have different phonemes, depending on the type of word they are used for. An example is the letter “C” in City and Cat. In Bulgarian, the letter “C” only has the sound used in City, and it can not be used for a sound like the one in Cat.


Crow, David. Visible Signs (Advanced Level). Grand Rapids: AVA, 2003. Print.


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